We are passionate about buying and selling quality used prestige cars and ensuring you, our potential next customer, receives the best possible service. Find out more about our dedicated team at Centurian Automotive below.

Paul Harding

Co Founder and Managing Director

Paul is a perfectionist which can drive everyone mad at times. With 25 years experience in the Marine Aviation Automotive and luxury goods industry Paul has built a reputation for pushing boundaries to create the perfect customer experience.

Paul purchases all the vehicles for Centurian. So, if you see something rare or eclectic in stock - be sure that’s Paul’s choice!

Paul’s Modus Operandi is to change the Automotive Industry for the good for ever!

Favourite Pastime: Skiing, Drumming, Mixed Martial Arts, and Great food! He says the balance between the last 2 has been slightly in favour of Great Food….

Favourite Drive: Holden VXR8 Bathhurst, Toyota Supra Veilside and Detomaso Pantera.

Favourite Place: On a pair of skis in the Trees in St Foy.

Favourite Restaurant: Novikov Mayfair and Tong Thai Kettering (Paul says good food has no geographical pre requisite).

Favourite Films: Casablanca, The original Italian Job, the first Fast N furious (the sequels pale in comparison)

Stranded on a desert Island with: Winston Churchill, Dave Grohl, Chad Smith, a drum kit and enough Gin n Tonic until rescued...

Rachel Harding

Co Founder

Rachel juggles motherhood to 3 children and a team of 7 men at Centurian. She also heads up marketing for Centurian alongside internal events and bookings for the Groups Hotel and gastropubs.

Rachel is also responsible for the interior design of the showroom and has great attention to detail.

Favourite Pastime: Skiing, Skiing and more Skiing, with the odd Vin Chaud in between.

Favourite Drive: Bentley Bentayga

Favourite Place: The French Alps of course!

Favourite Restaurant: Chez Marie Le-Miroir

Favourite Films: Pretty Woman, Under the Tuscan Sun and Fast N Furious. (In truth any Paul Walker film)

Stranded on a desert Island with: The Obamas, Beyonce, Bear Grylls, Gino D’Acampo. Breakfast tea, and a bottle or two of Chateaux Minuty

Greg Bogg

Customer Experience Guru

Greg is a much loved member of the Team, his journey with Centurian started 2 years ago when he approached Paul with “I want to work for Centurian so I will work for free”

Since then Greg has gone from Zero to Hero, and gets paid as well!

Greg is here to look after all of the clients wishes, from sale to aftersales and does it with humble maturity and tremendous efficiency.

Favourite Pastime: F1 , Snooker /Pool, Rugby, and the Gym.

Favourite Drive: Lexus LFA in Pearl Yellow, Audi RS6 Avant.

Favourite Place: Silverstone volunteering as a Marshall.

Favourite Restaurant: Novikov Mayfair and Dexters in Oundle.

Favourite Films: Fast N Furious (all of them) The expendables, Kingsman, and any Nick Frost / Simon Pegg film.

Stranded on a desert Island with: Guy Martin, Johnny Wilkinson, Daniel Ricciardo, and Jason Statham, plus a few cases of Corona.

DAVID “the fixer” HARRISON

Head of customer services

David has been working for Centurian 13 years now and is the “customer favourite” purely through his huge enthusiasm to help and make the purchase as smooth as possible, nothing is too much trouble for David, in Paul's words “Dave is Centurian 24/7 we think the same we do the same we may as well be married”

David has always had a huge passion for anything 2 or 4 wheels with Huge BHP and and exhaust to match.

David works hard to provide for his family having a loving wife of 20 years and 2 beautiful children who he couldn't be more proud of as well as being part of the Fabric of Centurian.

Favourite Pastime: Modified cars scene , Track days, Football and of course the pub with the lads

Favourite Drive: Ford Capri

Favourite Place: The open road (ON MY MOTORCYCLE)

Favourite Restaurant: The Ace Cafe (can't beat a Full English)

Favourite Films: Gone in 60 seconds, Bad Boys 2, (anything car related)

Stranded on a desert Island with: A bottle of Rum and Freddie Flintoff